Updates to FitShipper and Etsy Sold Price
February 13, 2016

FitShipper, the smartest shipping calculator on the internet, can now tell you what boxes will fit your item without first determining the shipping prices. This means you don't have to enter any zip codes. FitShipper will simply find the smallest box that fits your item without regards to the price. You can find the setting for this feature under Options.

FitShipper will now also update the highlighted "Best Fit" box when you change the "Have" setting for an individual box in the box list, without you having to click Find Best Fit again. So, if you don't have the box suggested or you want to see what the next best option is, just uncheck the "Have" checkbox for that box.

FitShipper Best Fit Option

The Etsy Sold Price tool now has an option to look up currency conversions. Just select the currency you want and click the link. The link will take you to a Google page with the calculated conversion.

Introducing FitShipper for Listing
December 7, 2015

Don't know where your item is going yet but you want to know what to charge or build-in for shipping? FitShipper for Listing calculates the cheapest shipping options everywhere in the country via USPS, UPS & Fedex in one step.

FitShipper Listing

What's the difference between FitShipper and FitShipper for Listing?

FitShipper requires you to know where the package is going and to put in the item's dimensions. It figures out all the boxes your item will fit into and shows you which one is cheapest to ship.

FitShipper for Listing looks up shipping to all zones at once and it doesn't care what the item dimensions are (unless the item is over-sized). You can tell it what flat or regional boxes the item will fit into (assuming you can eyeball it). Or, you can optionally put in the dimensions and it will figure it out for you. It only has the regional and flat rate boxes though versus FitShipper which additionally has all of the regular priority boxes, a variety of frankenboxes, your own custom sized boxes, etc.

So, FitShipper for Listing tells you the range of potential shipping costs and shows which provider/method is cheapest to each zone. It might help you realize, for example, that priority mail is much cheaper close to you but is extremely expensive to zone 6-8, so you might want to list the item with both Priority and Fedex Home as options. For people that do free/flat shipping, it should give them an idea what to charge/build-in for shipping costs.

So, different tools with different focuses. Basically FitShipper for Listing is better for when you're listing the item and FitShipper is for when you're about to ship out an item.

Major Update to FitShipper and Etsy Price Tool
November 10, 2015

Etsy recently changed the way it hides the price of sold items in the listing source code making it much more difficult to get that information using the old "view source trick." The Etsy Sold Price tool has been updated to work with the changes. It was also updated to fix an issue that would cause the dreaded "Sorry, something went wrong" error. You will now need to copy and paste the entire URL for the Etsy listing instead of just the item id, but that's probably easier anyway.

FitShipper, the smart shipping calculator, received it's 19th update and it was a pretty major one. Some big changes were made on the backend that will make it faster and more reliable, especially for retrieving Fedex and UPS prices. On the front end, there were many tweaks to the layout to improve useability, especially on mobile.

The most exciting change is the addition of the "Best Fit" option. FitShipper Best Fit just shows you the best shipping option for your package without all the clutter. And, for those that actually want to see all the options, there's a setting to turn it on or off under "Advanced / Options."

FitShipper Best Fit Shipping Calculator

The goal for FitShipper is to be the "easy button" for shipping. Let us know what you think!

FitShipper Now Calculates eBay Discounted Rates for UPS and Fedex
June 15, 2015

FitShipper is a shipping tool that allows online sellers to quickly find the best fitting box to ship an item at the lowest possible cost. It was orginally designed to determine the best USPS Priority box from the many available options of various sizes and complicated pricing schemes such as regular rate, flat rate and regional rate boxes. FitShipper calculates retail, Commercial Base (eBay seller) or Commercial Plus (eBay "Top Rated Seller") discounted rates for Priority mail as well as other USPS services such as Media Mail, First Class and Standard Post.

Now, FitShipper is also able to calculate Fedex and UPS shipping rates for purchase through eBay labels. So, you can see at a glance the cheapest way to ship your items across all three major carriers. If you've ever had a doubt whether shipping UPS Ground or Standard Post or with a USPS Large Flat Rate box or..., FitShipper removes all the complexity and guesswork and provides you with a bottom line answer.

Try FitShipper today to start saving time and money on shipping for your online retail business.

FitShipper Mentioned on the Scavenger Life Podcast
Feb 25, 2015

One of our favorite podcasts on how to make a living by selling on eBay, Scavenger Life, recently mentioned FitShipper on their blog and discussed it on the podcast. Ryanne, a.k.a. "The Shipping Queen" herself, gave FitShipper a thumbs up which we think is quite the complement! Check out the episode here.

FitShipper is our shipping tool which finds boxes that will fit an item and shows the cheapest box to ship it in whether it's a Flat, Regional or Regular rate Priority box.