When to Upgrade to an eBay Store

Quick Summary

Use a Store Subscription to reduce Insertion and Final Value Fees. At 300 listings and $500 in monthly sales, you should upgrade to a Basic Store. After 1,152 listings, upgrade to a Premium store.

Store Decision Fees Calculator

Use our Fees calculator to determine what store level will be the cheapest.


eBay charges Insertion Fees to list an item and Final Value Fees when an item sells. Depending on how many listings and sales you have, it may be worth upgrading to an eBay Store to lower your fees. eBay makes this complicated with specific categories having additional zero listing fees or different Final Value Fees. This page uses the fees from most categories in Buy it Now listings. For the majority of sellers, this is what applies.

On eBay, you start with 250 zero insertion fee listings per month with no store. After 250 listings, insertion fee is $0.35 per listing. Buy it Now listings use Good 'Til Cancelled duration where listings are automatically renewed every month. This renewal triggers a new insertion fee count. To see how many remaining listings you have, go to Seller Hub and find section Promotional Offers.

Store TypeMonthly RenewalYearly RenewalListings Per MonthFinal Value Fee (Most Categories)When to Change
No StoreFreeFree25013.25%
Basic$27.95$21.951,00012.35%313+ Listings*
Premium$74.95$59.9510,00012.35%1,152+ Listings
Anchor$349.95$299.9525,00012.35%34,000+ Listings
EnterpriseN/A$2,999.95100,00012.35%74,000+ Listings

* or sooner due to higher Final Value Fees from monthly sales. Use calculator above to determine your scenario.

Upgrade your store to reduce Insertion and Final Value Fees.

Additional Benefits With Store
  • Run sales or offer coupons
  • Starting with a Basic Store, you receive $25 of eBay branded shipping supplies per quarter
  • Store Name and custom Design abilities
Is a Starter Store worth it?

No. You will have the same higher Final Value Fee of 13.25% and 250 zero insertion listings with the Starter Store. This is the same as having no store. Fee wise, there is no benefit.